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Our Optometrists


Clarkson EyeCare prides itself on its ability to provide quality eye care and eye health services tailored to meet your needs. Our trusted staff of eye doctors offer a variety of services including eye exams, preventative care, and treatment for various eye diseases at our offices throughout Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.

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Meet Your Local Eye Doctors

Dr. Fyizza Abbas, OD St. Louis eye doctor
Fyizza Abbas, OD
Dr. Amanda Adkisson, OD
Amanda Adkisson, OD
Dr. Joseph Andersen, OD
Joseph Andersen, OD
Dr. Dustin Anderson, OD
Dustin Anderson, OD
Dr. Jill Anderson, OD
Jill Anderson, O.D.
Dr. Lucas Asfeld, OD
Lucas Asfeld, OD
Dr. K.K. Bagri-Pavone, OD
K.K. Bagri-Pavone, O.D.
Dr. Melanie Ballard
Melanie Ballard, OD
Dr. Amanda Ballard, OD
Amanda Ballard, OD
Phi P. Bang, O.D.
Phi Bang, O.D.
Cheryl Barton, O.D.
Cheryl Barton, OD
Trace Barton, O.D.
Trace Barton, OD
Dr. Nicole Beharry, MD
Nicole Beharry, OD
Stacy Bell-Simmons, O.D.
Stacy Bell-Simmons, O.D.
Todd E. Bellamy, O.D.
Todd Bellamy, O.D.
Parker Berg, O.D.
Parker Berg, O.D.
Dr. Jessica Bergana, OD
Jessica Bergana, OD
Sheetal Bhaga, O.D.
Sheetal Bhaga, OD
Dr. Jordan T. Bierman, OD
Jordan Bierman, OD
Dr. Christopher Bifano, OD
Christopher Bifano, OD
Dr. Rhonda Bifano, OD
Rhonda Bifano, OD
Amanda J. Bissell, O.D.
Amanda Bissell, O.D.
Dr. Paige Blankenheim, OD
Paige Blanekheim, OD
Deborah Blansett, O.D.
Deborah Blansett, OD
Dr. Stephen Bollinger, OD
Stephen Bollinger, OD
Dr. Amanda Boscoe
Amanda Boscoe, O.D.
Jennifer Brave Rafati, O.D.
Jennifer Brave Rafati, OD
Dr. Aaron Brewer, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Aaron Brewer, OD
Landon Brewer, O.D.
Landon Brewer, OD
Andrew D. Brown, O.D.
Andrew Brown, O.D.
Dr. April Brun, OD
April Brun, OD
Dr. Tricia Burroughs, OD, FAAO headshot
Tricia Burroughs, OD, FAAO
John F. Bush, O.D.
John Bush, O.D.
Paige Bush Foster, O.D.
Paige Bush Foster, OD
Jim Campbell, O.D.
Jim Campbell, OD
Dr. Eric Carlson, OD at Clarkson Eyecare Florida
Eric Carlson, OD
Dr. Nick Carr, OD
Nick Carr, OD
Dr. Paige Carr, OD
Paige Carr, OD, FAAO
Dr. Richard Carrigan, OD
Richard Carrigan, OD
Dr. Ann Cater, OD at Clarkson Eyecare in Ohio
Ann Cater, OD
Dr. Carl Cefalu, OD
Carl Cefalu, OD
Dr. Matthew Cellar, OD
Matthew Cellar, OD
Dr. Jennifer Center, OD
Jennifer Center, OD
Headshot of Dr. Joseph Chatfield, O.D. at Clarkson Eyecare
Joseph Chatfield, OD
Anthony Chiang, O.D.
Anthony Chiang, O.D.
Dr. Hayley Childers, OD
Hayley Childers, OD
Samantha Lee O.D.
Samantha Claxton, O.D.
Rian Cleary, O.D.
Rian Cleary, O.D.
Dena Colantino, O.D.
Dena Colantino, O.D.
Dr. Jeff Cole, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Jeff Cole, OD
Janet L. Collier, O.D.
Janet Collier, O.D.
Dr. Benjamin Cook, OD headshot
Benjamin Cook, OD
Dr. Anthony Cortes
Anthony Cortes, O.D.
Dr. Jamie Costello, OD
Jamie Costello, OD
Dr. John Costello, OD
John Costello, OD
Headshot of Clarkson Eyecare optometrist Dr. Caylen Craft O.D.
Caylen Craft, OD
Dr. Margit A. Craig, OD
Margit Craig, OD
Megan L. Crowell, O.D.
Megan Crowell, O.D.
Dr. Stephanie Cullinan, OD
Stephanie Cullinan, OD
John Michael Cummings, O.D.
John Michael Cummings, OD
Dr. Lauren Cummings, OD Milton eye doctor
Lauren Cummings, OD
Dr. Thomas Cunningham, OD
Thomas Cunningham, OD
Dr. Mary Curtis, OD
Mary Curtis, OD
Steven J Curtis, O.D., FCOVD, FNORA
Steven Curtis, O.D., FCOVD, FNORA
Jeanine R. Dalton, O.D.
Jeanine Dalton, O.D.
Dr. Neil F. David, OD
Neil David, OD
Sara A. Day, O.D.
Sara Day, OD
Dr. Adis Diaz, OD
Adis Diaz, OD
David Dickson, O.D.
David Dickson, O.D.
Jason R. Diehl, O.D.
Jason Diehl, OD
Dr. Ashley DiMercurio, OD
Ashley DiMercurio, OD
Kathleen T. Doan, O.D.
Kathleen Doan, O.D.
Dr. Ernest Doiron, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Ernest Doiron, OD
G. Willam Doolin Jr., O.D., F.A.A.O.
William Doolin, Jr., OD, FAAO
Robert Duncan, O.D.
Robert Duncan, O.D.
Tina M. Dunkin, O.D.
Tina Dunkin, O.D.
Lisa S. Durham, O.D.
Lisa Durham, O.D.
Dr. Kristin Dzierwa, OD
Kristin Dzierwa, O.D.
Dr. Joe Ellis, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Joe Ellis, OD
Hannah Ellis, O.D.
Hannah Ellis, OD
Doctor Image Coming Soon
Stephanie Enderle, OD
Robert J. Espositio, OD, F.A.A.O., F.C.O.V.D
Robert J. Esposito, OD, FAAO, FCOVD
Dr. Samuel Estes, OD
Samuel Estes, OD, FAAO
Julie Evans, O.D. (formerly Boyce)
Julie Evans, O.D.
Dr. Meron Fantahun
Meron Fantahun, O.D.
Doctor photo
Bridget Fath, OD
Dr. Emily Felouzis
Emily Felouzis, O.D.
Russell S. Fillmore, O.D.
Russell Fillmore, O.D.
Kurt P. Finney, O.D.
Kurt Finney, O.D.
Todd Fleshman, O.D.
Todd Fleshman, OD
Cortney M. Fogarty, O.D.
Cortney Fogarty, O.D.
Bryan Frantz, O.D.
Bryan Frantz, O.D.
Lizabeth Frontino, O.D.
Lizabeth Frontino, O.D.
Fei Fu, O.D.
Fei Fu, O.D.
Dr. John Gallagher, OD Clarkson Eyecare Suwanee eye doctor
John Gallagher, OD
Quinn Gallen O.D.
Quinn Gallen, O.D.
Dr. Meghan Gambrel, OD
Meghan Gambrel, OD
Jeffrey Gardner, O.D.
Jeffrey Gardner, OD
Dr. Pauline Gee, OD
Pauline Gee, OD
Dr. George Georgilis
George Georgilis, OD
April Gerhard, O.D.
April Gerhard, OD
Gretchen Gerhardt, O.D.
Gretchen Gerhardt, O.D.
Dr. Todd Gershenow, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Todd Gershenow, OD
Diana Gilbert, O.D.
Diana Gilbert, O.D.
Dr. Justin Gillette, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Justin Gillette, OD
Michael P. Gilliland, O.D.
Michael Gilliland, O.D.
Carlos Giraldo, O.D.
Carlos Giraldo, O.D.
Dr. Michelle Glass, OD
Michelle Glass, OD
Thomas Gober, O.D.
Thomas Gober, OD
Dr. Kathy Gonzalez, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Kathy Gonzalez, OD
Dr. Lauren Goslin, OD
Lauren Goslin, OD
Amber L. Gossage, O.D.
Amber Gossage, O.D.
Janet H. Graf, O.D.
Janet Graf, O.D.
Dr. Jacqueline Grimm, OD Shepherdsville, KY eye doctor
Jacqueline Grimm, OD
Dr. Dustin Grubbs, OD headshot
Dustin Grubbs, OD
Andrew Gunn OD
Andrew Gunn, OD
Dr. Karla Hafford, OD
Karla Hafford, OD
Dr. Mallory Harris, OD
Mallory Harris, OD
Natalie Hartman, O.D.
Dr. Mark Hassinger, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Mark Hassinger, OD
Dr. Laura Hegyi, OD
Laura Hegyi, OD
Dr. Ashley Hemphill, OD
Ashley Hemphill, OD
Alicia Herrmann, O.D.
Alicia Herrmann, O.D.
David H. Hettler, O.D.
David Hettler, OD
Dr. Alicea Hill
Alicea Hill, O.D.
Sarah B. Hirsch, O.D.
Sarah Hirsch, O.D.
Dr. Shaun Holliday
Shaun Holliday, OD
James Hollmann, O.D.
James Hollmann, O.D.
Neil Hook, O.D.
Neil Hook, OD
Sabina Hoover, O.D.
Sabina Hoover , OD
Bryan Hopkins, O.D.
Bryan Hopkins, O.D.
Matthew Howell, O.D.
Matthew Howell, O.D.
Dr. Sarah Hubbard, OD
Sarah Hubbard, OD
Dr. Joel Hubbard, OD Chesterfield eye doctor
Joel Hubbard, OD
Gerard H. Hubbell, O.D.
Gerard Hubbell, O.D.
Dr. David Jaco, OD
David Jaco, OD
Diane M. Jessen, O.D.
Diane Jessen, OD
Troy Johnson, O.D.
Troy Johnson, O.D.
Mark D. Johnson, O.D.
Mark Johnson, O.D.
Tiffany Johnson, O.D.
Tiffany Johnson, O.D.
Thomas J. Johnson, O.D.
Thomas Johnson, O.D.
James Johnston OD
James Johnston, O.D.
Dr. Christopher Jordan, OD
Christopher Jordan, OD
Isaiah Jordan, O.D.
Isaiah Jordan, OD
Dr. Jeredine Kallon
Jeredine Kallon, O.D.
Dr. Amber Karpel, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Amber Karpel, OD
Jerry P. Kassel, O.D.
Jerry Kassel, O.D.
Michael Katich, O.D.
Michael Katich, OD
Dr. Shauna Kehoe
Shauna Kehoe, O.D.
Dr. Colleen Keiper, OD at Clarkson Eyecare East Lansing, MI
Colleen Keiper, OD
Headshot of Clarkson Eyecare optometrist Dr. Alana Keller, O.D.
Alana Keller, OD
Dr. Paul Kennedy, OD
Paul Kennedy, O.D.
 Jackie Paskiet, O.D.
Michael D. Kerby, O.D.
 Jackie Paskiet, O.D.
Melissa S. Kerby, O.D.
Dr. Laura Kerns, OD, Clarkson Eyecare Shepherdsville eye doctor
Laura Kerns, OD
William F. Kiefer, Jr., O.D.
William Kiefer, O.D.
Dr. Alanna Kirk, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Alanna Kirk, OD
Dr. Jennifer M. Klinger Mohesky, OD
Jennifer Klinger Mohesky, OD
Robert Koerner, O.D.
Robert Koerner, O.D.
Amber L. Koester, O.D.
Amber Koester, OD
Allyson Kowaleski, O.D.
Allyson Kowaleski, O.D.
Lesley Kraus, O.D.
Lesley Kraus, OD
Karen P. Krotine, O.D.
Karen Krotine, O.D.
Dr. Mark Kuhlman, OD Clarkson Eyecare
Mark Kuhlman, OD
Jessica L. Laffoon, O.D.
Jessica Laffoon, O.D.
Dr. Cinnamon Langford, OD Chesterfield Optometrist
Cinnamon Langford, OD
Dr. Daniel Langhorst, OD
Daniel Langhorst, OD
Dr. Karina Lanning, OD
Karina Lanning, OD
Dr. Kristen Lantz, OD
Kristen Lantz, O.D.
Brandon Larson, O.D.
Brandon Larson, O.D.
IMG 9193
Aaron Lee, O.D.
Dr. Hedy Leibowitz, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Hedy Leibowitz, O.D.
Dr. Hedy Leibowitz, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Hedy Leibowitz, OD
Dr. Barnet Leland, OD
Barnet Leland, OD
Seema Lengade, O.D.
Seema Lengade, O.D.
Ben Leonard, O.D.
Ben Leonard, O.D.
Mary Lilly, O.D.
Mary Lilly, OD
Dr. John Lipchak, OD
John Lipchak, OD
Dr. Brian Lojka, OD Division Medical Officer for Optometry at EyeCare Partners
Brian Lojka, OD
Dr. Stephanie Long
Stephanie Long, O.D.
Melissa Lorber, O.D.
Melissa Lorber, O.D.
Rhea Magee O.D.
Rhea Magee, O.D.
Megan Mahoney OD
Meagan Mahoney, O.D.
Jennifer Ham Major, O.D.
Jennifer Major, O.D.
Dr. Christopher Malloy, OD
Christopher Malloy, OD
Dr. Donna Malloy, OD
Donna Malloy, OD
Lizabeth Marquart Fenstermaker, O.D.
Lizabeth Marquart Fenstermaker, O.D.
Dr. Richard Marrotte, OD headshot
Richard Marrottee, OD
Coly Marsh, O.D.
Coly Marsh, O.D.
Tyler Mathenia, O.D.
Tyler Mathenia, O.D.
Leah N. Mathews, O.D.
Leah Mathews, O.D.
Dina B. Mazeas, O.D.
Dina Mazeas, O.D.
Madeleine McBain, O.D.
Madeleine McBain, O.D.
Tom McClintock, O.D.
Tom McClintock, O.D.
Effie Marie McGowan, O.D.
Effie McGowan, OD
Stephen V. Menzel, O.D.
Stephen Menzel, O.D.
Lucias Meyer, O.D.
Lucias Meyer, O.D.
Mindy N. Miller, O.D.
Mindy Miller, O.D.
Estella Mira, O.D.
Estella Mira, OD
Dr. Whitney Miranda, O.D. headshot
Whitney Miranda, OD
Dr. Bennie Dean Mobley OD
Bennie D. Mobley, OD
Dr. Rafael Mollega Jr., OD headshot
Rafael Mollega Jr., OD
Laurel Morris, O.D.
Laurel Morris, O.D.
Dr. Matt Muroski
Matt Muroski, OD
Dr. Robert Nagy, OD
Robert Nagy, OD
Steven Nguyen, O.D.
Steven Nguyen, O.D.
Dr. Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen, O.D.
Dao Nguyen, O.D.
Dao Nguyen, O.D.
Dr. Shannon Niere, OD
Shannon Niere, OD
Santosh Nuchikat, O.D.
Santosh Nuchikat, O.D.
Blaire S. O'Brien, O.D.
Blaire O'Brien, O.D.
Dr. Timothy Owens, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Timothy Owens, OD
Olivia Oyegunle, O.D.
Olivia Oyegunle, O.D.
Dr. Robbie Pairolero, OD
Robbie Pairolero, OD
Alison Parrish, O.D.
Alison Parrish, O.D.
 Jackie Paskiet, O.D.
Jackie Paskiet, O.D.
Dr. Kajal Patel
Kajal Patel, O.D.
Roshani Patel, O.D.
Roshani Patel, OD
Dr. Henna Patel, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Henna Patel, OD
Dr. Nisha Patel, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Nisha Patel, OD
Dr. Bansi Patel
Bansi Patel, O.D.
Shruti Patel, O.D.
Shruti Patel, OD
Dr. Christopher Pavone, OD
Christopher Pavone, OD
Dr. Bert Pederzol, OD
Bert Pederzol, OD
Dr. Phillip Pelton, OD headshot
Phillip Pelton, OD
Dr. Wyatt Peterson, OD headshot
Wyatt Peterson, OD
Cathy L. Phillips, O.D.
Cathy Phillips, O.D.
IMG 9195
Jordan Pierce, O.D.
Headshot of Clarkson Eyecare optometrist Dr. Kaylin Pierce O.D.
Kaylin Pierce, OD
Dr. Gregory Popowitz, OD
Gregory Popowitz, OD
Nicholas Portell, O.D.
Nicholas Portell, O.D.
Elham Quraishi, O.D.
Elham Quraishi, O.D.
Dr. Joshua Rabideau
Joshua Rabideau, O.D.
Dr. Natalee Rackus, OD
Natalee Rackus, OD
Tiffany Reed, O.D.
Tiffany Reed, O.D.
Samuel Reiss, OD
Samuel Reiss, O.D.
Dr. Mindy Rennard, OD Chesterfield eye doctor
Mindy Rennard, OD
Dr. Mary Reto, OD headshot
Mary Reto, OD
Dr. Jana Rhodes, OD
Jana Rhodes, OD
Dr. Laura Richardson, OD
Laura Richardson, O.D.
Dr. Craig Riddle, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Craig Riddle, OD
Kathleen "Kate" M. Rivera, O.D.
Kathleen Rivera, OD
Becky L. Rock, O.D.
Becky Rock, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Dr. Michael Rohde, OD
Michael Rohde, OD
Lee M. Romaine, O.D.
Lee Romaine, O.D.
Dr. Elena Rose, OD
Elena Rose, OD
Dr. Jay Rosenfeld OD
Jay Rosenfeld, OD
Dr. Richard Rosenthal, OD Columbus eye doctor
Richard Rosenthal, OD
Robert W. Rottler, O.D.
Robert Rottler, O.D.
Dana S. Rozell, O.D.
Dana Rozell, O.D.
Michelle Ryba, O.D.
Michelle Ryba, O.D.
Dr. Sonia Salas, OD Chesterfield optometrist
Sonia Salas, OD
Doctor photo
Mohammed Salman, O.D.
Lindsay Schad, O.D.
Lindsay Schad, O.D.
Dr. Holly Schat, OD
Holly Schat, OD
Dr. James Scherman, OD
James Scherman, OD
Dr. Melissa Schneider, OD
Melissa Schneider, OD
Dr. Jonathan Schonfeld, OD
Jonathan Schonfeld, OD
Dr. Kayli M. Schwamb, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Kayli Schwamb, OD
Matthew C. Schwamb, O.D.
Matthew Schwamb, O.D.
Dr. Andrea Shelton, OD Louisville eye doctor
Andrea Shelton, OD
Dr. Donise Sheridan, OD headshot
Donise Sheridan, OD
Sabrina Shultz, O.D.
Sabrina Shultz, O.D.
Dr. Martin Simmons, OD at Clarkson Eyecare
Martin Simmons, OD
Dr. Chereka Singh, OD headshot
Chereka Singh, OD
Alvin Siv, O.D.
Alvin Siv, O.D.
Scott E. Smalley, O.D.
Scott Smalley, O.D.
Dr. Brett A. Sobieralski, OD headshot illinois eye doctor
Brett Sobieralski, OD
Dr. Zachary Stapleton, OD, at Clarkson Eyecare
Zachary Stapleton, OD
David J. Sterna, O.D.
Victoria Stewart, O.D.
Victoria Stewart, O.D.
Dr. Diana Stewart, OD
Diana Stewart, OD
Dr. Kellie Stewart OD
Kellie Stewart, OD
Dr. Sara T. Strasser, OD
Sara Strasser, OD, FAAO
Kayce Strohmeyer, O.D.
Kayce Strohmeyer, O.D.
Joyce Stroud, O.D.
Joyce Stroud, O.D.
Alfred Sugawara, O.D.
Alfred Sugawara, O.D.
Theodore Sullivan, O.D.
Theodore Sullivan, O.D.
Melinda Surdacki, O.D.
Melinda Surdacki, O.D.
Dr. Jacob Terry, OD
Jacob Terry, OD, MS
Dr. Matthew Teutsch, OD
Matthew Teutsch, O.D.
Dr. Lisa Thatch, OD
Lisa Thatch, OD
Jeff Thomas, O.D.
Jeff Thomas, O.D.
Dr. Amanda Thompson, OD
Amanda Thompson, OD
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, OD
Jeffrey Thompson, OD
Dr. John Titak, OD Conyers eye doctor at Clarkson Eyecare
John Titak, OD
Sarah Tracy, O.D.
Sarah Tracy, O.D.
Justin Travis, O.D.
Justin Travis, O.D.
Dr. Cody Tubbs, OD
Cody Tubbs, OD
David Tucker, O.D.
David Tucker, O.D.
Dr. Linh Van, OD
Linh Van, OD
Dr. Daniel Vargovick, OD
Daniel Vargovick, OD
Dr. James J. Wachter, OD
James Wachter, OD
Dr. Devin Webber, OD
Devin Webber, OD
Dr. Jonathan Weston, OD, FAAO
Jonathan Weston, OD, FAAO
James Wiedenfeld, O.D.
James Wiedenfeld, O.D.
Dr. Mark Wilkins, OD headshot
Mark Wilkins, OD
Dr. Justin Wilkinson, OD Chesterfield optometrist
Justin Wilkinson, OD
Rebecca Williams, O.D.
Rebecca Williams, O.D.
Dr. Jason Winterbottom, OD Ohio eye doctor at Clarkson Eyecare
Jason Winterbottom, OD
Daniel Wolf, O.D. F.A.A.O.
Daniel Wolf, OD, FAAO
Dr. Erin Wu, OD
Erin Wu, OD
Mark Yeh, O.D.
Mark Yeh, OD
Carlee Young, O.D.
Carlee Young, O.D.
Doctor photo
Stefan Young, O.D.