Sports Vision Training

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Your vision is an essential aspect of your athletic performance, enhancing your ability to compete and win. Sports Vision Training at Clarkson Eyecare can improve your visual skills and your athletic performance, ensuring you’re prepared for victory.

What is Sports Vision Training (SVT)?

Athletes in all sports are using Sports Vision Training (SVT) to gain a competitive edge over the competition. SVT is a specialized training regimen that focuses on the development and improvement of essential visual skills, including depth perception, visual processing, and reaction speed. By enhancing the visual skills needed to make split-second decisions in your sport, you can advance your game and access a winning edge in competition. SVT at Clarkson Eyecare helps transform high-performing athletes into exceptional competitors, offering sharper, more efficient visual skills for any sport.

How SVT Improves Athletic Performance

Sports Vision Training at Clarkson Eyecare targets many aspects of vision and motor abilities to comprehensively improve athletic and vision performance. We focus on the following areas to help athletes level up their game:


This technique is all about mental images, with the athlete picturing something in their “mind’s eye” while their eyes are seeing and concentrating on something else, like the ball. Visualization practices can include mentally rehearsing movements and actions, concentrating on tasks by eliminating distractions, improving spatial awareness, and building a confident and positive mindset.

Dynamic Visual Acuity

Referring to the clarity and sharpness of an athlete’s vision, visual acuity is a fundamental aspect of SVT. High visual acuity allows athletes to see fine details quickly and accurately, which is essential for tasks like tracking a fast-moving ball, reading opponents’ movements, and making precise actions. SVT enhances visual acuity through targeted exercises that improve an athlete’s ability to see and react quickly to visual stimuli, helping athletes stay one step ahead in their sport.

Visual Reaction Time

The amount of time it takes for environmental stimuli to travel from your vision system to your motor system and produce a physical reaction is known as visual reaction time. Quick visual reaction times are essential for success in fast-paced sports, enabling athletes to make split-second decisions, dodge opponents, or intercept a ball. SVT focuses on improving visual reaction time through specialized drills and exercises that enhance an athlete's ability to process visual information rapidly and execute timely responses. By improving visual reaction time, athletes can enhance response time and train their brain to work more efficiently during the game.

Visual Tracking

Visual tracking is the ability to move your eyes from spot to spot while maintaining focus on the object you are looking at. Improving visual tracking allows athletes to enhance their reaction time, speed, and fluidity, which is essential in sports that require constant monitoring of balls, opponents, or other dynamic elements. SVT hones visual tracking skills to help athletes maintain better situational awareness, anticipate movements more effectively, and make more accurate plays.

Depth Perception

How quickly and accurately you can judge the distance and understand the spatial relationships of objects or players is known as depth perception, a critical aspect of high-performing athletes. This skill is vital in helping athletes gauge the distance and speed of an incoming ball, navigate around opponents, and position themselves correctly on the field. SVT improved depth perception through specialized drills that enhance an athlete’s ability to see the world in three dimensions and make precise spatial judgements. By sharpening their depth perception, athletes can improve their timing, coordination, and overall spatial awareness, leading to better performance and decision-making in any sport.

Visual Concentration

Your ability to control your visual system for better awareness and less distraction is your visual concentration, which is essential for sustaining attention during critical moments in a game, such as tracking a fast-moving ball, reading opponents’ cues, or executing precise movements under pressure. SVT enhances visual concentration through exercises that train athletes to filter out distractions and stay focused on relevant visual information, helping to improve their consistency, accuracy, and overall performance, particularly in high-stress situations.

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The 12 Factors of Maximum Athletic Performance

No matter what sport you play, achieving your maximum athletic performance involves a variety of elements, each playing a specific role in your success and aptitude in sports. Vision is at the top of this list, contributing to a variety of critical aspects of athletic performance such as coordination, concentration, reaction time, and more. When you train your vision to respond quickly and accurately in high-stress athletic situations, you set yourself up for success and gain a competitive advantage.

sports vision training rock model

The Sports Vision Training Rock Model: Building on Foundational Training

SVT utilizes a model based on foundational training, building on basic sensory processes and skills to achieve complete eye-mind-body coordination. First, an athlete’s visual system is enhanced through specific exercises and practice regimens, creating a strong foundation for further training. Once they have built a strong visual system, athletes are taught how to efficiently transfer acquired visual information into precise and accurate body movements for their specific sport, ensuring they can leverage all their senses for optimal athletic performance.

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Advance Your Game with Sports Vision Training at Clarkson Eyecare

Whether you’re looking to enhance your overall athletic ability or training in a specific sport, the eye care experts at Clarkson Eyecare can help athletes of any sport and age gain an edge over their competition. Contact Clarkson Eyecare today to see how Sports Vision Training can transform your on-field abilities and turn you into an exceptional competitor.