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All Clarkson Eyecare Locations


Clarkson Eyecare’s mission is simple: To provide eyecare services specific to your needs. We know no two eyes are the same. We offer a variety of services for a variety of eye conditions from highly skilled eye care professionals.

Access to eye care is important. Clarkson Eyecare has over 200 offices in 13 different states. View our complete list of locations to find the Clarkson Eyecare closest to you.

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Arizona

Clarkson Eyecare in Scottsdale, AZ specializes in vision therapy services for adults and children.

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Florida

Clarkson Eyecare has 20 Florida locations including three in Pensacola and two in Tampa. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Georgia

Clarkson Eyecare has 8 Georgia locations all in the greater Atlanta area. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Illinois

Clarkson Eyecare has 16 Illinois locations, currently all within the St. Louis Metro-East region. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Indiana

Clarkson Eyecare operates a single Indiana location in Clarksville, IN. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Kentucky

Clarkson Eyecare has 12 locations in Kentucky including three in Louisville and two in Paducah. We also have several locations North of Cincinnati across the Kentucky border.  

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Michigan

Clarkson Eyecare operates 15 locations in Michigan including four in Ann Arbor. Our clinic for Children’s Vision Enhancement specializes in child’s eye care. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Minnesota

Clarkson Eyecare has four locations in Minnesota all within 30 miles of Minneapolis. 

Clarkson Eyecare Locations in Missouri

Clarkson Eyecare began in Missouri, and currently operates 54 locations in the Show-Me State. Most Missouri locations are in the St. Louis Metro area, with two locations in Columbia, Mo. 


Find Eye Doctors Near You

Looking for a specific Clarkson Eyecare eye doctor? Browse our doctors page to find eye care professionals near you and learn more about them.