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Clarkson Eyecare is staffed with highly trained eye doctors who specialize in kid’s eye care, children’s comprehensive eye examinations, and vision development tests.

Our eye doctors use the latest technology to conduct comprehensive eye exams to assess the health and development of a child’s eyes and vision. Early detection is critical for identifying signs of eye problems and childhood eye disorders. Call Clarkson Eyecare today to schedule your child’s appointment.

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Clarkson Eyecare offers kid’s eye exams at our locations in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. Click to find a location near you.

How Often Do Kids Need an Eye Exam?

The optometrists at Clarkson Eyecare recommend that even if no eye or vision problems are apparent, children have their first eye exam as early as six months to ensure that their eyes are developing normally. Your child’s eye doctor will test for many things, including myopia (nearsightedness), farsightedness, or astigmatism as well as eye movement ability, eye alignment, and the overall health of your child’s eyes.

It’s recommended that children have their eyes examined by an eye doctor every year. Annual eye exams are critical to detect childhood eye problems and vision is more than just the ability to see clearly or having 20/20 eyesight. 

Roughly 80% of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. When it comes to keeping children healthy and ensuring proper development, regular comprehensive eye exams are important. Healthy vision is essential to a child’s ability to learn, achieve their academic potential, play sports, and participate in activities so make sure you schedule their eye exam before they start school.

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What Should I Expect During My Child’s Eye Exam?

At Clarkson Eyecare, highly skilled pediatric eye doctors will perform a physical exam of a child’s eyes for signs of eye disorders. During the exam, your child’s eye doctor will use a device called a retinoscope to determine visual acuity and whether or not vision correction is required. They’ll also conduct vision screening using eye charts. 

Your child’s eye exam will include eye alignment testing and an evaluation of the outside and inside of the eye. Your child’s optometrist might recommend your child’s eyes be dilated, which is a safe and effective way to ensure a reliable examination, even in very young children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Exams for Kids

Are Kid’s Eye Exams Covered by ALL Kids, TRICARE for Life, & Medicaid?

ALL Kids covers yearly eye exams for children, TRICARE covers eye exams every two years beginning at the age of three, and Medicaid covers the complete cost of annual kid’s eye exams. Clarkson Eyecare recommends that parents research their coverage or contact their local provider for more information.

Can an Eye Exam Damage My Child’s Eyes?

No. Comprehensive eye exams do not cause damage to the eyes and are actually critical for children’s eye health. But the tests and procedures performed during a child’s eye exam may affect the patient with temporary headaches or vision changes.

How Long Does a Kid’s Eye Exam Take?

At Clarkson Eyecare, a child’s eye exam can last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. The timing of the exam can vary, as it depends on the child’s development and the types of testing included in the pediatric exam.

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The doctors at Clarkson Eyecare can help assess the health and development of a child's vision. Additionally, eye doctors at Clarkson Eyecare can diagnose and treat childhood eye disorders.