Eye Care Centers in Chesterfield, Missouri

Clarkson Eyecare is dedicated to improving the eye health of our patients in the Chesterfield, Missouri area. You’ll find our local eye doctors all over town. Clarkson has three offices in Chesterfield, as well as eleven other locations in the surrounding area. This includes areas such as Ellisville, Ballwin, and St. Charles. Our experienced eye doctors can provide quality care for any eye care need. Whether you just need your annual eye exam or are seeking treatment for a more complex eye disease we are here for you.

Our doctors are committed to improving your eye health and vision using experience, technology and passion. Our Chesterfield offices are all equipped with the latest in eye care technology and staffed with highly trained, experienced eye doctors to ensure your vision needs are met. 

From St. Peters to Ellisville, we have an eye care center near you. Schedule an appointment with our skilled Chesterfield area eye doctors and opticians today!

Your Local Eyeglass Shop

Your Local Chesterfield Eyeglass Shop

Clarkson Eyecare provides complete optical solutions at our Chesterfield area locations. 

We feature designer frames and sunglasses for men and women from top brands* including Vera Bradley, Kate Spade, Coach, Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more! See how you look in a stylish new pair of frames using Virtual Try-On, then pick them up at your nearest Clarkson Eyecare.

*Brand selection varies by location.

Eye Care Services in Chesterfield

Our Chesterfield area eye doctors offer a variety of services to meet your eye care needs. We can diagnose and treat most common eye conditions and create a treatment plan to get your eyes back on track to being happy and healthy. 

Just need your annual eye exam? Book an appointment at your nearest Clarkson Eyecare!


Comprehensive Eye Care


Dry Eye

Glasses & Contact Lenses 

Kid’s Eye Exams


Macular Degeneration 

Low Vision Treatment

Vision Therapy


Ocular Disease 

Red Eyes 

Specialty Contact Lens Care

Meet Your Chesterfield Eye Doctors

Ready to meet your new eye doctor? Stop on by and say hello to your Clarkson Eyecare neighborhood specialists! Find a local eye doctor in Chesterfield today!

Fyizza Abbas, OD | Town & Country Optometrist | Clarkson Eyecare
Fyizza Abbas, ODTown & Country CrossingChesterfield, MO
Sarah Hubbard, OD
Sarah Hubbard, ODChesterfield ValleyChesterfield, MO
Tiffany Johnson, OD
Tiffany Johnson, ODBallwinBallwin, MO
Amber Koester, OD
Amber Koester, ODChesterfield ValleyChesterfield, MO
Cinnamon Langford, OD
Cinnamon Langford, OD ChesterfieldChesterfield, MO
Mindy Rennard, OD
Mindy Rennard, OD Chesterfield ValleyChesterfield, MO
Sonia Salas, OD
Sonia Salas, ODCreve CoeurCreve Coeur, MO
Kayli M. Schwamb, OD
Kayli M. Schwamb, ODTown & Country CrossingChesterfield, MO
Justin Wilkinson, OD
Justin Wilkinson, ODEllisvilleEllisville, MO

Find Your Chesterfield area Clarkson Eyecare Location

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Our Chesterfield Locations

Looking for a specific location closest to you? Visit one of our office location pages for more information on doctors, accepted insurances, hours of operation and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clarkson Eyecare Accept Vision Insurance?

Yes! Clarkson Eyecare offices in Chesterfield accept most common vision insurance plans. However, accepted insurances vary from location to location. Please contact your nearest Clarkson Eyecare office directly with questions about your specific coverage. 

Does Clarkson Eyecare Perform LASIK Surgery in Chesterfield?

Yes! Clarkson Eyecare currently offers LASIK eye surgery services at our Chesterfield Valley location. Contact our Chesterfield Valley office today to book an appointment.

If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, schedule a consultation with one of our Clarkson Eyecare doctors!

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

Clarkson Eyecare strongly recommends most patients get a complete eye exam at least once a year. This ensures your doctor can keep your eye care treatment plan up-to-date and can detect any potential issues with you eye health before they become serious.

If it’s been a while since your last visit, we look forward to seeing you! Find a Chesterfield area Clarkson Eyecare location & schedule an appointment today! 

Can I Schedule an Eye Care Appointment Online?

Absolutely! Clarkson Eyecare makes it easy to schedule an eye exam without picking up the phone. Find your preferred Clarkson Eyecare location and schedule an appointment online today! Availability varies by location. If you cannot find an appointment on your preferred day or week, be sure to check scheduling with any other Chesterfield area Clarkson Eyecare locations.