In-office remote eye exam

In-Office Remote Eye Exams at Clarkson Eyecare

Discover the ultimate convenience of getting comprehensive eye care on your terms. Clarkson Eyecare now offers in-office remote eye exams. Our experienced optometrists use the latest technology to provide high-quality care in-office with communication from an optometrist in a remote location. 

With more appointment times available, our in-office virtual eye exams offer flexibility to fit your busy schedule. Trust us to detect potential eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

How it Works

An on-site technician will pretest your current eye prescription, corneal measurements, eye pressure, and capture eye images. You will then consult with a licensed optometrist via high-definition video conference, receiving a comprehensive eye exam in under 30 minutes. An on-site staff member will assist throughout your remote exam.

The Benefits of In-Office Remote Eye Exams


Flexible appointment times to fit busy schedules.

Expert Guidance

Direct interaction with licensed optometrists via high-definition video conferencing.

Comprehensive Care

Thorough exams that detect conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.


Exams completed in under 30 minutes. Quick feedback and accurate vision prescriptions.

Retinal Scan in office procedure

The Same Best-in-Class Care

Just like an entirely in-person comprehensive eye exam, Clarkson Eyecare remote eye exam eye doctors can detect many diseases in their early stages. Our expert optometrists will review your medical history, and eye health, evaluate exam tests, correct your vision by remote equipment operation, and answer all your questions.

Our eye doctors will review your results and work with you to issue you an accurate vision prescription. We want you to achieve better vision as soon as possible, and like in-person exams, you will be given a prescription at the end of your appointment if applicable.

In-Office Remote Eye Exams Patient During Exam Smiling

What to Expect During Your In-Office Remote Eye Exams

At your local Clarkson Eyecare eye center, an on-site technician will take you to the pre-testing area, where they will record your current eye prescription. They will also record your corneal measurements, eye pressure test results, take images and videos of your eyes, and complete additional testing if necessary.

You will see and speak with a licensed optometrist as if they were in the office, but instead of joining you in person, your Clarkson Eyecare doctor will join you via high-definition video conference. The eye health exam will be performed and completed in less than 30 minutes, and an on-site staff member will be with you during your remote eye exam. 

In-Office Remote Eye Exams Frequently Asked Questions

How is a remote exam different from my usual exam?

Be assured that it will be the same comprehensive exam you have come to expect. No testing is sacrificed. The only difference is that your consultation with the doctor is via high definition video conferencing.

Am I going to be seen by a real doctor?

Yes, you will be seen remotely by a Clarkson Eyecare optometrist who is licensed in your state.

Who will be in the room with me?

One of our dedicated Clarkson Eyecare eye care professionals will be there to assist the remote doctor.

Will my vision insurance plan cover a remote exam?

Yes, if your vision plan covers the cost of the comprehensive exam, the remote exam will still be covered. However, please note that insurance does not typically cover the cost of retinal photos.

How long does a remote comprehensive exam take?

The complete exam takes about 30 minutes.

How long do I need to wait for my prescription?

Your prescription will be generated immediately at the conclusion of the exam.

What happens if the doctor observes a health/medical condition in my eye?

If a condition is detected, the Clarkson Eyecare optometrist will refer you for additional testing.

Which doctor will I be seeing?

Our In-Office remote eye exams pull from a number of providers and will ensure that the doctor available on the day of your appointment is credentialed with your insurance and ready to see you.

Are the retinal photos required to see an in-person doctor?

As part of your exam, retinal photos will be taken at no additional cost to you.