How To Put In Contacts Safely

Despite their small size, hard and soft contact lenses come with big benefits. According to the CDC, over 45 million Americans¹ wear contact lenses.

If you have just started wearing contacts, putting them in can be a scary task. Learning how to safely put your contacts in is an important lesson, as it decreases your risk of injury or eye infection.

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Putting In Contact Lenses

When handled properly, contact lenses can be a wonderful and convenient way to correct your vision. Follow these steps to insert contacts successfully.

How to Put In Contact Lenses

A Step-by-Step Guide For Putting In Contact Lenses

Removing Your Contact Lenses

Removing your contacts after a long day of wear is quite relieving. Taking out your contacts is easy to do.

Advantages of Wearing Contacts

Finding yourself annoyed with cleaning the fog of your glasses? Or are you tired of having to constantly adjust your frames? Then making the switch to contact lenses might be for you. Here are a few more advantages of making the switch to contact lenses:

  • Contact lenses make your field of vision wider than glasses do

  • No objects, like frames or scratches, get in the way of your vision

  • Ability to be worn in high-intensity activities, such as sports

  • Freedom to wear them whenever, wherever, regardless of the weather

Disadvantages of Wearing Contacts

Contact lenses aren’t for everyone. Here are some disadvantages of wearing contacts:

  • Higher risk of developing an eye infection

  • Not suitable for those with dry eye syndrome

  • Can irritate your eye

  • Require a higher level of maintenance in comparison to glasses

  • Sleeping in your contacts can cause harm

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