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Ann Arbor Michigan Vision Therapy Reviews

Theresa S.

My vision therapy as an adult at the Ann Arbor Clinic for Vision Enhancement was an overwhelmingly positive experience. By the end of my therapy I was able to correct the "split" vision problems that had affected my reading and hand-eye coordination (which I had not realized how much it affected me until it was addressed and fixed!), and my overall vision and awareness of eye health was much improved. The staff at the clinic are all friendly, understanding, and kind, and the vision therapist Brittanie was especially patient and encouraging even when I was frustrated or embarrassed about my difficulties with the vision exercises. My experience was well worth the time and money spent!

Laura H.

We are very thankful that we were referred to vision therapy at a time when we had no idea why our son was struggling so much with reading. Before VT, he cried at just the mention of reading. His reading time was fraught with refusals, tears, and angry outbursts. Now we can say that many times he chooses to practice reading on his own  without even being prompted. It is no longer a painful and tiring experience. He has much more interest in reading books and being read to. We see him pointing out words that he knows wherever he sees them. We especially love that he leaves notes around the house for us now and is often seen reading and writing things down for his younger brother and sister.

Chelsea C.

For me, vision therapy has been a life changing experience. I had never realized how important such small changes could be to my everyday life. Before I started vision therapy, I would get awful headaches at the end of the day because of all the strain my head was under. I could never sit in the back of the classroom, or read the subtitles on a TV, and my vision would often blur out of focus when I tried to concentrate. Now, I can do all of those things with ease. I’ve found myself less afraid to do things like biking and driving because I know my vision will be sharp and focused. I was only in vision therapy for about half a year and it’s made the rest of my life all the more enjoyable.

Lauren B.

I have been so pleased with our experience! From The moment we walked through the door, we were welcomed joyfully and warmly. I felt at once that my daughter was in good hands. Through Loving, kind, practical approaches, the team worked steadily to help my daughter. The improvement was not just physical , but mental. In helping her eyes to work together, my daughter gained a new sense of confidence and joy. She began to devour books and took a keen interest in writing. The entire process was methodical and marked with appropriate evaluations and techniques that made my daughter feel accomplished while allowing the staff to both help her and monitor her progress. I am proud of the hard work my daughter put in and I am so very thankful for everyone who has supported her.

Lori-Jene B.

For years, over 20 years, I couldn’t read comfortably, and it was never recreational. When I had to read for school or work, I would do the minimum. It made me feel anxious, frustrated, and even nauseated sometimes. I had given up on optometrists altogether. Finally, I decided I would give an optometrist one last try. A few minutes into my exam, the doctor was like “I think we can fix this pretty easily”. She explained that lots of folks my age went undiagnosed or were misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders. I wept when I told my wife about it. Then, after 6 months of therapy, I had already read 6 books recreationally and started another masters degree. My life is so much better!

Gibson I.

Vision therapy helped me in many ways. One way it helped, is I’m more focused in reading. Mostly I noticed it helped my hand-eye coordination in sports. I catch the ball out in front of me and my peripheral vision has improved. I used to turn my whole head but now I use my eyeballs. Thank you for helping my vision!